For Your Business.
For Your Children.
For Your Life.

Providing holistic, comprehensive and personalized legal representation – because you are so much more than your case.

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More Than 10 Years Of Legal Service

More Than 10 Years Of Legal Service In Bosque County And Beyond

This Is Your Life, Not Just Your Case

Legal issues are often discussed as though they exist in a vacuum, separate from the lives of the people involved. Of course, anyone who has gone through one knows otherwise.

Whether you are building a business, getting divorced and establishing child custody, or dealing with any other legal issue, the situation is not separate from the rest of your world. Your case and your life are entangled and should be treated accordingly. Your attorney should take the time to understand: How is this affecting your life? What does it mean for your work and your family? How will it impact your future?

At Lannen Law, PLLC, I understand from firsthand experience just how personal legal matters can get. I recognize that your case is entwined with your life, and in order to get a positive outcome, I need to take the time to get to know you, your family, your circumstances and your goals. I’m not just here for your case. I’m here for your business, for your children, for your life. I’m here for you.

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Trusted In The Community. Trusted In The Courtroom.

Over the last 10-plus years, I have demonstrated my commitment to my neighbors in Valley Mills, Bosque County and the surrounding area through my work as a prosecutor, a tireless advocate for children, and a helper for those in need of legal services. Along the way, I have earned a trusted reputation inside the courtroom and out.

My practice encompasses the legal areas that are most likely to cross Texans’ paths – business law, family law, estate planning and more. At the end of the day, no matter what legal issue has arisen in your life, you can be confident with my law office as your first stop.

Lifelong Legal Representation

Over the course of your life, you will have a variety of legal needs. Some may be expected, such as forming a business or creating an estate plan. Others may be unanticipated, like divorce or a car accident. One legal need may segue into another – a combative divorce may involve criminal allegations, and when the marriage is over, an estate plan may need to be created or revised.

Piecemeal or specialized legal services don’t leave room for complex situations where legal concerns are interwoven and do not allow attorneys to truly get to know their clients. My goal is to provide lifelong legal representation for the people in my community. Whenever you encounter a legal issue, you can turn to me. Creating a meaningful legal practice means getting to know the people I serve – my neighbors and community members in Bosque County and beyond. I take pride in growing with my clients, celebrating their successes and lending a hand when legal challenges arise.