For Your Business. For Your Children. For Your Life.

Serving Bosque County’s Legal Needs For More Than A Decade

My name is Brittany Lannen, founding attorney at Lannen Law, PLLC, in Valley Mills, Texas. I opened my law firm to be not just a legal practice but also a cornerstone of the community where I live, where I work, where I farm and where I raise my children.

While my team and I certainly handle legal concerns as they arise, I also recognize that these matters are often interwoven and inextricably linked to the lives of those involved. I want to be here for my Bosque County neighbors for the long haul, being the go-to attorney whenever a legal issue comes up.

A Cornerstone Of The Community, Built On Strong Relationships

I want to build strong relationships with the people I serve, learning about their lives, their families and their visions for the future, so when the time comes to open a business, work through a divorce or child custody case, create an estate plan, or address any other legal issue, I am already positioned to identify the impact and to truly understand your goals for moving forward.

I take pride in being a strong part of the community, not only having practiced law here for more than a decade starting as a prosecutor and then moving into private practice but also in running Cub’s Den, a well-respected childcare facility serving Bosque County.

Click on the link below to learn more about my background as a lawyer:

Attorney Brittany Lannen

Honest And Real Legal Representation

I believe honesty is a critical part of the lawyer-client relationship, and you can expect nothing less from me as we work together to address your legal needs.

The truth is, lawyers aren’t immune to legal situations. I’ve been through a divorce, I’ve done the heated child custody battle, I’ve been a foster parent and foster sibling, and I have endured criminal actions taken against me and survived. I’ve made it out the other end, stronger and ready to use that strength to help others.

I encourage you to reach out to introduce yourself, whether you have a legal issue or you just want to learn more about my practice and the services I provide. Call my law office at 254-300-9064 or send an email.