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Can My Spouse Cut Off My Cellphone Service During A Divorce?

Divorce is a stressful time for any relationship, but there are always many questions. Divorce gets more complicated with property, business and children. Shared utility plans during a divorce aren’t complex in the Waco Metro area of Valley Mills and Bosque County, Texas.

A shared cellphone plan during a divorce

The spouses distribute property during a divorce, which includes utility contracts. A court order under the Family Code says a wireless provider needs to transfer the service to the petitioner named in the order. The court doesn’t care who’s name the wireless services are under originally. The telephone service provider doesn’t have to transfer the services immediately. The wireless provider has five business days after the court order date to comply.

Cellphone provider notifications

After receiving a court order, the cellphone provider notifies the spouse that the petitioner terminated the account. Different technology would impair any devices on the provider’s network. Changing the cellphone provider account name after a divorce can cause geographic limitations with the service. Technical and operational issues can occur after the transfer.

Fees after the transfer

A wireless service provider can charge the petitioner of a court order customary and routine fees. The wireless provider may impose customary or routine requirements to open a new account. The petitioner may need to show proof of identification, customer references and financial information to the wireless provider.

Protections after divorce

The wireless provider can’t issue extra fees for early termination because of a court order. The petitioner isn’t responsible for paying the outstanding balance of their spouse. A wireless provider can’t force the petitioner to pay the balance before transferring the plan. There are already fees for changing a phone number, and a provider can’t charge extra fees.

A spouse can shut off a cellphone plan during a divorce. Under family law, a person needs to petition the court. There are a lot of variables with service providers: The service provider has up to five business days after the court order date to separate the accounts. If the provider needs more information from the petitioner, it will send a notice.