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How To Spot A Gaslighting Spouse

Many people in Texas are victims of gaslighting from close friends, family members and people that they work with. If you are being gaslit by your spouse, you may not even realize it. Marriages are such close relationships that it is sometimes difficult to get perspective on what’s really going on until you take a step back.

What is gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a term for a particular form of psychological manipulation in which one person lies to another person about reality. The term originated from a British play in which a husband manipulates his wife into doubting her own perception of the world so that she will believe she has gone insane.

Gaslighting happens in dysfunctional marriages in large and small ways. If a husband comes home smelling of another woman’s perfume, for example, he might deny the obvious evidence of cheating that his wife detects. In an argument, a wife may call her husband a derogatory name and then immediately deny saying it. Gaslighting to any degree can cause the victim to doubt what they are sensing, and therefore, doubt their own sanity.

Signs that you are being gaslit

Your spouse may be gaslighting you if you constantly doubt your memories and perception of the world to the point that you question whether you have gone insane. If you are always being told that you are too sensitive and your feelings don’t matter, you could be a victim of gaslighting.

Family law attorneys often deal with clients who have been gaslit since gaslighting is involved in the breakdown of so many marriages. One of the worst things about gaslighting is that the victim loses touch with their own sense of self and reality.

What to do if you are being gaslit

Getting perspective from other people is one of the best ways to confirm that you are being gaslit. You may also start writing a journal and keeping records of events in your life so that you can regain confidence in your own perception of reality.