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How can a criminal case impact the outcome of a divorce in Texas

If you are considering a divorce in Texas, you should know how a criminal charge could impact the proceedings. The judge overseeing your divorce will consider every factor when deciding on property division, alimony, and child support. If you have a criminal history, here’s how it may affect your divorce.

Divorce in Texas

In Texas, you can divorce your spouse based on fault or no-fault grounds. The judge will consider fault ground for divorce when it comes to criminal history. Whatever it is you did will play a significant role in all the major decisions of the divorce process.

Criminal conviction and child custody

Typically, when you file for a divorce, the law requires you to wait at least 60 days before finalizing the process. However, if you are convicted of a crime like domestic violence, the court will hurry things up to protect your spouse and children.

Additionally, when deciding on child custody, the court will always put the child’s best interest above everything else. Any evidence of cruelty in the past will affect your custody and visitation rights. This applies even when you never harmed the kids.

Criminal conviction and property division

In Texas, the law requires spouses to split their marital assets equally. However, a criminal conviction could lead to unequal division of assets. If you still have legal expenses due to a criminal conviction, the court will look at how they affected your marital assets during property division.

Criminal conviction and child support

Usually, the non-custodial parent makes monthly contributions to cater to their child’s needs. If you have a criminal record, it may be harder for you to find employment. The court will consider this when coming up with the amount to pay.

There are many factors the court looks at when it comes to a criminal conviction, like the type of offense, the victims, the sentence awarded, etc. Depending on your unique case, your divorce could go differently. Make sure to do more research on your type of crime and what to expect in Texas courts.