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4 steps to modifying a child custody support order in Texas

On average, it takes six months to complete a child support modification. You’ll need to submit a formal request for modification in order to legally change your payments. Texas doesn’t allow parents to change it on their own.

1. Request a review for modification

You qualify for a child support modification if there has been a substantial material change in your circumstances or those of the other parent. An example is when your child custody arrangement changes. Other situations include a decrease in your income, an increase in the other parent’s income or a change in your child’s medical insurance coverage. When a parent submits a review for modification, the Child Support Division notifies both parents.

2. Verify information

The Child Support Division verifies the information of both parents. This information includes income, health insurance coverage and residential addresses. The division may send documents to employers and other third parties to help verify.

3. Receive a response

Both parents will receive notice on whether the division approved the child support modification request. If a parent disagrees, they have the option to contest.

4. Attend the Child Support Review Process appointment

When the Child Support Division agrees to review your child support order, it will schedule an appointment to negotiate and write the new order. If both parents don’t agree to change the child support order, then a judge will hear the case and make the final decision. The Child Support Division may pass on complex cases to a judge as well. You should notify the division if domestic violence is going on because this is an issue for the judge to handle.

Modifying a child support order in Texas is a simple process, but you do need to be thorough. Submit any requested information promptly because it takes time for the Child Support Division to process everything.