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Preparing for court-ordered child custody mediation

After you have gone through a Texas divorce, you have to focus on child custody. It’s important to be prepared for court-ordered custody mediation.

What is child custody mediation?

Child custody mediation is ordered by the judge if parents are unable to reach an agreement on custody and visitation. The process sees parents meeting with a mediator trained in child-centered issues. The mediator helps you through all issues related to your children so an agreement can be met for child custody and visitation.

Many parents find mediation helpful for settling issues or disputes. However, if it’s impossible to reach an agreement, the mediator makes recommendations to the court. Each parent will have the chance to voice their objections to those recommendations if they don’t agree with them.

Preparing for court-ordered mediation

Before court-ordered mediation occurs, you must be fully prepared. Keep your children as your main focus at all times. You want what’s best for them, so this is when you should be prepared to negotiate and compromise with their other parent.

Having a plan for custody and visitation before mediation is always helpful. It can show the mediator that you’re serious about the process and that you want to make things work. You should also go in with an open mind and be open to whatever the mediator has to say.

If you have any concerns about the other parent’s ability to care for your children, bring them up at the meeting. Do this in a firm but gentle manner and don’t be argumentative about it. However, it might be difficult if there’s a history of domestic violence or child abuse.

Remember to refer to the kids as “our children” instead of “my children.” It shows that you acknowledge that custody is the responsibility of both of you and won’t rub the other parent or mediator the wrong way.

When you’re prepared for court-ordered custody mediation, you’ll be in a much better position.