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What are the requirements for a collaborative family law participation agreement?

There are certain requirements for a divorce in the state of Texas. You must meet certain criteria as determined by the court. One of the measures you may adopt is a Collaborative Family Law Participation Agreement. This agreement must be received and reviewed by a court to be legal.

You must create a record of your agreement

You may plan to finalize your divorce with the aid of a Collaborative Family Law Participation Agreement. If this is the case, there are certain procedures that should be followed in order to render the agreement valid.

To begin with, you must create an official legal record of the agreement. This is then signed by both parties. The record must state the intention of both parties to resolve the matter in question. This must be done through a collaborative family law process as outlined by the record.

The record should fully describe the nature and scope of the matter. It must also list the lawyer who will represent each party in the matter. A statement from each of these lawyers describing the nature of their involvement in the process is also be included.

What provisions should your agreement include?

Once the grounds for your divorce have been established, you can move on to the legal dissolution of your marriage. Your collaborative family law participation agreement must include a number of crucial provisions.

There must be a suspension of all tribunal activity or intervention in this matter while you are making use of the collaborative process. You are also enjoined from having recourse to any additional legal or financial experts or advisers. This last prohibition can be modified if agreed to in writing before the collaborative process has officially started.