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Crafting a parenting plan that works

While co-parenting in Texas, there are a few things that you want to look over when crafting just the right plan. Before making any details final, think about your child and how they feel, especially if they are old enough to make some decisions about who they want to stay with and when they want to visit each parent on their own.

Special circumstances

When a child custody plan is made, you might not think about holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions that arise during the year. It can be sad to think about splitting these special moments with the other parent, but you want to ensure that your child sees as little disruption in their life as possible.

Other family members

The parenting plan that you make isn’t just about both parents. You need to think about grandparents, siblings, and other family members who want to be involved with your child’s life. Make other family members aware of what’s happening, and assure them that you aren’t trying to keep your child away from them. If there are any events like funerals or weddings, then you should communicate the change in the schedule as soon as possible so that the other parent can make plans ahead of time.


During the school year, there could be field trips, homework that takes longer to get done, and other issues that arise that could result in the plan that you make changing at the last minute. Sit down with the other parent before the school year begins to look over your child’s classes and schedule to see what could arise and how you will handle those issues as calm adults.

Making a parenting plan is a good way for both parents to stay involved and ensures that your child maintains the connections that they need.