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Things to think about when considering sole legal custody

It’s understandable to hope that you and your former spouse can raise children while living apart in Texas. Unfortunately, that’s not always how things play out. If you and your ex-spouse can’t co-parent, it’s time to consider establishing sole legal custody of your child. With that in mind, here are three things to help you decide if sole legal custody is right for you.

Avoid contact with a potentially dangerous parent

Sometimes, modifications in child custody happen when it’s unsafe for a child to be with one of their parents. This lack of safety can be due to a parent’s drug use or abuse in the past. If you wish to avoid you and your child being around a dangerous influence, establishing sole legal custody can make this wish a reality.

Can cause resentment from your child

Most parents establish sole legal custody to protect their children. With that said, this child might not feel the same way. If you establish this type of custody, prepare yourself that this decision could lead to temporary or permanent resentment from your child.

Taking on more responsibilities

It’s also important to note that having sole legal custody over a child means you’ll make all major decisions for them by yourself. These will include such matters as health care, religious upbringing, and education choices. If you’re ready for this type of commitment, making these decisions won’t be a problem. But it’s still an important factor to consider before signing any custody-related documents.