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Variations in child custody schedules

Child custody is one of the most difficult parts of post-divorce life for Texas parents. Trying to find a schedule that is consistent and works for both parents, as well as the child, and has flexibility for times of the year when school is not in session can take creative thinking.

Child custody planning

There are multiple different dimensions of successful schedules for joint custody. The work schedules of both parents, the school and extracurricular schedule of the child, and the rules of the divorce settlement create significant restrictions on how the plan can work. One simple example is to switch weeks, with one parent having weekdays and the other the weekend one week, and swapping the next week. This is simple and clear, but not very flexible. It also requires the child to do a lot of travel and have a home base in both houses. A midweek visit can provide more variety, but is also an additional travel burden.

Practical considerations also matter for scheduling. For example, if one parent lives in an apartment and the other in a house, the parent in a house will have more space to store the child or children’s possessions. If one parent is much closer to the school, it is easier for them to manage school-year weekday time. As the child gets older, they can have a role in determining the schedule as well, so they feel like their voice is impactful.

Parents and children might take some time to work out which arrangement suits them best, and it might differ depending upon the time of year, so they need to be ready to adapt.