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Divorce and school-aged children

When their parents go through a divorce, it can be a challenging thing for Texas children to manage, and it can be even harder when the children are school-age. The logistics and emotional complexity can be heavy for a child already under stress from school.

Divorce and kids

During a divorce, creating as stable an environment for the kids as possible is a key goal. However, even with the best of intentions, the splitting of one household into two places a significant burden on them. They need to adapt to a very different home life. Even the basics of issues like getting to and from school and where they will do homework can be thrown into upheaval. Children of this age often misinterpret or internalize the divorce as well, and they might believe that they are the cause of any negative outcomes they see.


School can be a mixed environment for children of divorce. On the one hand, they might have friends who also experienced divorce, which can provide them with peer support. On the other, the sheer logistical complexity of shared custody during the school year can be a significant source of stress for them. They also might feel that it is their fault if the parents are stressed or upset because of the school arrangements, worsening their emotional processing. Even if the parents explain the situation to them, the disruption can still have an impact. School is an increasingly high-stakes and stressful places for kids even without additional outside pressures.

Parents going through a divorce should keep in mind just how much school-aged kids can absorb and the varying impact that can have.