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How to remain safe during a child custody exchange

Not all divorces are amicable, which can make things challenging for Texas parents who share custody. Those who have contentious or abusive histories have reason to be wary when doing a child custody exchange. These tips can help keep you safer when you have to exchange your child.

Document everything

If you feel unsafe when you do a child custody exchange, documenting everything gives you a trail of evidence in the event that something bad ever happens. Note all the details, including who was present during the exchange, whether there was danger and how a conflict was resolved.

Show up on time

Show up on time for the exchange. Being late could only aggravate your former spouse and lead to a fight once you arrive with your child. This could make for an ugly situation that your child doesn’t need to witness. Even if you’re only a few minutes late, it could turn into something much bigger if your split wasn’t amicable.

Choose a safe place

A safe, public place is best for dropping off your child or picking them up for parenting time. This could be in front of a place of worship, school, shopping center or even a police station. If there are a lot of people around, there’s less likelihood that your former spouse will start a fight.

Consider sending someone else

Sometimes, sending another person to pick up or drop off your child is best. If things are too tense between you and your former spouse, send a relative or friend instead. However, let them know ahead of time that someone is going in your place to avoid further conflict.

If domestic violence is a factor in your divorce, you might have to take further court action to change the original custody order.