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Why avoid social media during a divorce?

If you are planning on ending your Texas marriage, it’s generally a good idea to say as little as possible during the divorce process. This is because text messages, emails or social media posts may be used by your estranged spouse as leverage to obtain a favorable settlement. For instance, it may be used to convince a judge that you’re hiding assets or that you aren’t fit to be your child’s primary caretaker.

How social media may undermine your case

Posting pictures taken on your most recent cruise may seem innocent enough. However, your spouse may argue that the money used to pay for the cruise came from a bank account that wasn’t disclosed during discovery. Your spouse may also assert that you took your child on the trip, which might have been in violation of the parenting plan put in place after legally separating from this person.

You don’t know who sees your content

Social media content may be seen by your spouse or by those who are sympathetic to them. Furthermore, content may be shared by mutual followers, which means that your partner may see it even if you have blocked them on any platform that you post to.

Anything you post can be used against you

As a general rule, anything that you post can be used to create a narrative that might not put you in a positive light. Therefore, even content that might not be related to your divorce may be too dangerous to post. It may even be a good idea to delete content posted before the divorce process started or delete your accounts altogether to minimize the risk that something years ago can’t be used to besmirch your reputation.

Generally speaking, the less you saw during a divorce, the easier it may be to obtain a favorable settlement. This may be especially true if you share children with your spouse as talking negatively in front of the kids may jeopardize your chances of receiving child custody or visitation rights.