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Create A World Where You Can Be The Best Co-Parent Possible

Parenting in the wake of a divorce or breakup is going to be messy because it is a big adjustment for everyone involved. No matter how amiable the split, you will still have feelings about your co-parent, how they choose to interact with your child and what is best for your child. The right legal agreements and structure can make a huge difference in your life.

At Lannen Law, PLLC, I work with families of all shapes and sizes from across Valley Mills and Bosque County. I am attorney Brittany Lannen; I use my knowledge of our community, its families’ needs and the law to guide you toward a child custody agreement that can help you thrive. Schedule an appointment and let us talk.

Talking About Child Support And Custody

Some important questions you should consider as you move forward are:

  • What would you like to prioritize for your child’s education and social life?
  • Are there any current constraints on your time or on your child or their other parent?
  • What relationships are valuable to your child’s personal growth?
  • How can you best facilitate their medical and personal needs?

When you begin thinking about what your future looks like with your children, you should understand that the courts are not concerned about your personal relationship with your ex, and finances do not always make a difference. They are only interested in creating the best possible situation for the child.

Over A Decade Of Experience, A Lifetime Of Compassion

For many parents, I can be a valuable intermediary when discussing these contentious issues, and I help you regain a sense of control and agency in a tumultuous time. I am happy to sit down and talk through what your family needs.