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Advocating For The Injured Across Bosque County

After an accident, your first priority should be getting adequate medical care. Once that initial rush is over, though, you may be looking at enormous medical bills and a long recovery. In those moments, the right legal steps can ensure you have the money and support you need to focus on your healing.

At Lannen Law, PLLC, I know that when life happens, you need to turn to someone you can depend upon to be in your corner. Whether you are recovering at home or in the hospital, your first appointment with me, attorney Brittany Lannen, is all it takes to get the legal support you need.

Are You Eligible For Compensation?

Personal injury law is a powerful tool for Texans that holds negligent people and businesses responsible for the negative impacts they have on the world around them. You may be eligible for a personal injury payout if:

  • You were in a car wreck caused by drunk, reckless or distracted driving
  • A tractor-trailer, bus or other commercial vehicle hits you on the road
  • Manufacturing errors contributed to your injuries
  • A loose dog bites you or your loved ones
  • Property in disrepair contributes to a fall or other accident

A successful claim can help pay for your medical bills, make up for your lost income and help with other bills that result from the accident. This is an invaluable resource that I will fight to ensure you receive.

Making A Difference In Your Life

I care about you as a neighbor and friend. As a part of my commitment to you, I work on your case without sending bills. I only collect a payment as a part of your settlement, so you never have to worry about extra payments. Call me today at 254-300-9064.