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When You Are Hurt On The Road, I Stand By Your Side

In the wake of your major car wreck, you may experience serious medical side effects, some of which do not appear until months after your accident. With all the uncertainty, you are probably looking for answers – answers I have.

My name is Brittany Lannen, and I have proudly represented the Valley Mills area as a dependable and experienced attorney for over a decade. My work is how I serve my community, and I am glad to serve you. Below are a number of common questions you may have. For more specifics, please come in to see me.

What Makes A Car Accident Case Different?

Car wrecks are difficult because they require gathering a lot of evidence, and demonstrating fault can be a challenge. I work with police, forensic reconstructionists and others to demonstrate who was negligent and how their actions contributed to your injuries.

How Much Money Will A Settlement Mean?

Personal injury payments will often include compensation for your medical needs, any wages you lose and other bills as appropriate. We can discuss what a full payment may look like at your consultation.

What Does It Cost To File?

Nothing. I work on contingency. This means I never send you a bill. The only time I get paid is if and when I get you a settlement or verdict.

Do I Really Need An Attorney?

Yes. Many insurance companies will offer you a settlement quickly so that if you have injuries that appear later, you have already accepted a payment. Others will unfairly deny you. I use the law to hold them accountable across Texas. Reach me at 254-300-9064.